Windows Automation Software Applications

This Website presents Applications to Automate your repetitive tasks on Windows. Automation can speed up your task in hand, saving you time and efforts. All the Automation Software Applications presented on this website are Free to try and are inexpensive to buy. Appropriate Screenshots of the Software Downloads and Video Tutorials are provided so that you can actually see the software features and how does it work, even without downloading the Application.

The Software Applications presented here on this website utilize Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.0 or .NET Version 4.5. Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 Users do not need to worry about .NET as Microsoft provideds .NET Version 4.5 inbuilt into the Operating System. Usage of .NET in developing Automation Software Applications, make the size of downloadable application small so that you can download any of the Automation Software on your Windows 8 or any other Microsoft Windows Operating System with appropriate version of .NET installed.

Fast Clicker

Whether you have to do repetitive mouse clicking in an Online Game or anywhere else, the Fast Clicker can really be your assistant. This Application allows you to assign a Keyboard Shortcut to do Mouse Clicking. The Clicking Speed is Configurable and Number of Clicks to be done by the software are also configurable. Whether you want to click really Fast in any Game or on a Website, this Fast Clicker is the best Mouse Tool for you.

Screenshot of Windows 8 captured on a Windows 8 Computer

The Fast Clicker provides comprehensive list of features which together provide you the best experience of Automated Mouse Clicking. Configurable Keyboard Shortcut to Start and Stop the Automated Clicking, Visual and Audible Indicators for Automated Mouse Clicking, Selection of Left, Middle and Right Mouse Clicks to be automated and other features of the Fast Clicker together put you in control of the Mouse Automation.

Do have a look at the Screenshot of the Fast Clicker to understand what all features does this Automation Software Supports. Each Control of the Software provides helpful tooltip and the software is really easy to use. Given below are few of the configurable options of the Fast Clicker.

Windows 8 users can download and run the Fast Clicker within no time as Windows 8 does have .NET Version 4.5 installed which is required by the Fast Clicker. In case you are using other Windows Operating System such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc, do make sure that your computer does have .NET Version 4.0 installed before downloading the Fast Clicker.

Auto Text Typer

The Auto Text Typer presented here is a Keyboard Automation Software for Windows. This Keyboard Automation Software lets you type pre-defined text with the press of a configured Keyboard Shortcut. This simple and easy to use Keyboard Automation Software can save you from typing mistakes, save your time in typing repetitive typing, filling forms etc.

Screenshot of Auto Text Typer captured on a Windows 8 Computer

The Auto Text Typer works with the assistance of Microsoft's .NET 4.0 which is pre-installed on Windows 8. The Software is provided on a free to try basis and works without any popup reminders during the trial usages. Windows 8 users can download the Auto Text Typer and start using it right now. In case you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista or even Windows 7, your computer must have .NET Version 4.0 installed in order to use this Auto Text Typer.

Given below are few of the features of the Auto Text Typer. The given below features will give you an idea of how the software is going to behave on your Windows computer. You can visit the Auto Text Typer page to view Software Screenshots, Video Tutorial and Download the Auto Text Typer for Free without any Registration.

Mouse Click Scheduler

Automation on Windows is now really easy to do with the Mouse Click Scheduler Software presented here. This Windows Automation Software allows you to automate almost anything on your Windows computer. You can Automate all types of Mouse Clicks and schedule them to run at a later date / time. This Automation Software needs minimum .NET 4.0 installed on your Windows computer. On Windows 8, .NET Version 4.5 is installed and the Mouse Click Scheduler software works fine without any extra download.

Screenshot of Mouse Click Scheduler captured on Windows 8 Computer

The screenshot of the Mouse Click Scheduler displays few features of the software application. In case you are comfortable using Windows 8 or any other Windows Operating System, you can learn how to Automate Mouse Click at specified Date / Time easily and quickly using Mouse Click Scheduler. You can even use the Keyboard Shortcut and button provided on the main screen of the software to Start / Stop Mouse Clicking. The Status Bar of the Mouse Click Scheduler displays whether the Mouse Clicks are scheduled at a later date time or not. Given below are few of the features of this Mouse Automation Utility which can give you an idea of what all this Automation Software for Windows has in offer for you.

Apart from the above mentioned features of the Mouse Click Scheduler, there are many other features which assist you to interact with the software. Wherever possible helpful information is provided so that you can automate with precision. Although no programming experience is needed in order to use this Automation Software, however you must understand that the Mouse Click Scheduler has no mind of it's own and it will do only what you tell it to do.

Apart from above mentioned utilities, you can also download free to try applications available at which offers Windows Automation Utilities and much more. Free to try Auto Clicker from offers huge set of features for easy and fast clicking in games (both browser and full screen games) and everywhere else. All the Applications available are available for download without any registration and the applications work fine in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and even on Windows Vista.